ERAS Modules

ERAS Modules

                      1.   PAYE Register Pay As You Earn (PAYE) establishment and manages the revenue cycle for the taxation                            of income of individuals derived from employment.

2.   DIRECT ASSESSMENT Processes and manages direct assessment as an Income Tax, which is imposed on self-employed persons.

3.   LAND USE CHARGE Manages the computation and notification of three different laws, which are tenement rate, property tax and ground rent group as Land Use Charge.

4.   CONSUMPTION CHARGE Manages the hotels and restaurants consumption Law, which imposes a consumption tax on all the items, consumed or utilized.

5.   DEVELOPMENT LEVY Records all contract awards and processes the record of the required 3% of contract value against the taxpayer.

6.   STAMP DUTY Covers all areas of enquires that all written instruments be legalized, including where any property is transferred to any person.

7.   LOTTERY REGULATIONS Registers all pools betting, casino and gaming machines operations, lottery and lotto operations and regulate as well as manages the revenue value chain across all related enterprises and companies.

8.   VEHICLE LICENSE ADMINISTRATION Processes and manages motor license requests, reminders, notification and payments within the state.

9.   CAPITAL GAINS TAX Processes Capital Gains Tax (“CGT”) capital gains accruing to any legal person (individuals only for state) when a disposal of chargeable asset occurs.

10.BUSINESS PERMISES Business premise registration and license processing in the first year of registration and subsequent renewals.

11.WASTE MANAGEMENT Processes waste collection enumeration and collections for households and business premises who are required to pay a levy for waste disposal and management.

12.WITHHOLDING TAX Records all mandated withholding tax collected on behalf of the state and their subsequent submission.