About ERAS: Edo State Revenue Administration System

This section covers information relating to the Edo State Revenue Administration System


To ensure a promising position in internally generated revenue ranking by states, the Edo State Internal Revenue Service (EIRS) is taking steps at reference data management and automation of the entire revenue generation spectrum in Edo State. The goal of this project is to create a single tax payer view across all revenue streams within the State. The building of systems and infrastructure that are cost effective and support efficient operations, whilst ensuring the cutting-edge application of technology and creative solutions in a framework that provides flexibility forms the core of the EIRS Revenue Automation project.

The solutions to be deployed by the EIRS are being developed around the peculiarities of the profile of the businesses and the taxpayers themselves with a single source database to make for ease of revenue administration and efficient payments. The approach is to develop an integrated solution with distributed modules across all revenue streams and then aggregate at a single reporting repository and data warehouse.